Q: What are your payment terms?

A: All services require full payment upfront prior to work being started. All services are paid using a credit/debit card(Visa, Master Card, Discover, AMEX), and are monthly recurring fees on auto-pay.

Q: Could’t I use another agency and pay less money?

A: Probably, but like anything else you get what you pay for. We are confident in our abilities and what we can do for our clients to help grow their businesses.

Q: I want a service that you do not offer. Can you still handle it or do I need to go somewhere else for that service?

A: It depends on the service. Some services we may be able to handle in-house, and some services we may work with a 3rd party, or send you to them for that particular service.

Q: What forms of payments do you accept?

A: We accept Visa, Master Card, Discover, and AMEX.

Q: Do you invoice me for our service?

A: We will send you an invoice, but simply as a receipt.

Q: Why don’t you offer Net terms like other agencies(Net 30, Net 60, etc.)?

A: Time is money in this business. Our time is valuable to us, just like your time is valuable to you. In this business, a marketing agency needs to have the ability to use funds to execute a client’s marketing plan in a timely manner. If we do not have access to all the funds we need to accomplish this, it hinders our abilities to be effective and show consistent results. This is why we do not offer net terms.

Q: Once I decide I am ready to start working with 2 Hooligans, how soon will you begin marketing/advertising my business?

A: It can take up to 30 days to get everything set-up and in place, however it usually it takes around 2 weeks. It all depends on the amount work we will be handling for you, as well as our current workload.

Q: Do you send a marketing report?

A: Yes. We send clients a monthly data marketing report using “dashthis”to keep them up to date on how their marketing campaign is going and what results we have produced for them.

Q: Do you guarantee results, a specific amount of leads, social engagement, website visitors, etc?

A: No we do not. However, our priority is our clients, and getting the best results we can provide for them. We are confident in the services we provide and in our abilities to generate amazing results. We are professionals, and we appreciate every client that decides to work with us, and will always do everything possible to produce the highest ROAS(return on ad spend) we can.